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British Highways and Byways From a Motor Car

by Thos. D. Murphy

Thomas Dowler Murphy was an American who lived from 1866 to 1928 and wrote a number of travel books. British Highways and Byways From a Motor Car, subtitled Being a record of a five thousand mile tour in England, Wales and Scotland, recounts a tour of Great Britain, presumably a year or two before its first publication by L.C. Page & Company in Boston in 1908. Coming at the very beginning of the "modern era" this book provides a fascinating snapshot from the days when motor cars were still something of a novelty, as were roads to drive them on.

As written, the book amounted to over 300 pages and had 50 illustrations, divided into 20 chapters. Undiscovered Scotland has focused on the Scottish aspects of the book, presenting the forewords; the opening chapter; a map of the route through Scotland; the full text of the three chapters that cover Scotland; and part of the closing chapter on what else the author would have visited given the time.

Like other eBooks whose texts are reproduced on Undiscovered Scotland, British Highways and Byways From a Motor Car is long out of copyright. What sets the Undiscovered Scotland version apart is the cross linking between the text of the book and geographical and biographical features elsewhere on the site, allowing the reader to explore beyond the text itself, finding out more about the places and people mentioned.

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