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Undiscovered Scotland Free Jigsaw Puzzles

Welcome Undiscovered Scotland's collections of free jigsaw puzzles. The 27 puzzles are divided by number of pieces into collections of small, medium and large puzzles.

Each puzzle downloads as a .zip file containing a readme.txt file and an .exe file. Having unzipped the zip file and read the readme.txt (which explains the controls to be used in solving the puzzle) you should place the .exe file somewhere convenient and run it by double clicking on it. Full instructions can also be found here.

You do not need the program that created the jigsaw puzzle to solve it, as the .exe file comes complete with everything you need to view and manipulate the jigsaw pieces. If you have part-solved a puzzle, then closing it down automatically saves the puzzle in its part-solved state. Next time you open it, you start from where you left off.

If you own a registered copy of Jigs@w Puzzle 2 then you can copy the jigsaw to it once you have run the .exe file, using the "copy" option.

Note that all these files and the images they contain remain Copyright © Undiscovered Scotland and are made available only for personal and non-commercial use as jigsaws. They may not without prior permission be redistributed, used on a website, or used for any commercial purpose.

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